NBC's wildly popular reality show The Biggest Loser® has sparked a worldwide revolution and inspired millions to lose weight and change their lives. But you don't have to be on Reality TV to own The Biggest Loser's Secret Weapon.

Steps to success

Steps To Success

Step 1Wear

Choose your fitness goals and how fast you want to achieve them. Clip it on, and go! SLIMCOACH™ will sense, track, analyze your movements in real-time. Press the health circle and get an instant status report. When it turns completely green you've met your daily goal.

Step 2Sync

Simply plug your SLIMCOACH™ into your computer and view your progress on your own personal dashboard. Here, you'll be able to track your your progress, your history, and adjust your long term goals. You can even communicate with other users in our online community.

Step 3Succeed

Every purchase of SLIMCOACH™ comes with a 1-year subscription. SLIMCOACH™ helps you reach your goals with continuous feedback and powerful online tools, including interactive graphs that display your daily, weekly, and long-term progress.

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